Sunday, February 14, 2010

Am I Becoming a Daylily Addict?

I like it the way another gardening blogger put it..."I am totally, most certainly, quite positively not addicted to plants...addictions are things you need to get over...and, well, I have no intention of getting over plants! There!" ~ Gotta Garden Blog.

So let's just say I am a newbie at this and really starting to get interested in daylilies.  There thousands of varieties to choose from and I can't seem to stop adding to my collection.  So here are a few more daylilies that will be coming in the mail once May arrives...

It's a Girl...(a gift for one of my friends who just found out she is having a girl!)

Spacecoast Starburst....

Thistle Pink Truffle... I love this pure pink/lavendar color. Sure to stand out in the garden!

Thanks to Blue Ridge Daylilies on eBay I have access to all sorts and varieties of daylilies. Now if only my budget were as large as their selection we'd be good!  Nah, I think so far I have started off with a great collection of Daylilies for 2010.  So much to look forward to this year!

Like a beautiful flower that is colorful but has no fragrance,

even well spoken words bear no fruit in one

who does not put them into practice.

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