Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Atl Gardens Pictures

Orchid House

Japanese Garden

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Amazing Outdoor Sculpture

According to Scott, this is where I belong. I take that as a compliment :-)

In the Children's garden

Christmas is done and gone, and now is about the time I get excited about spring and all the preparation that goes along with the coming months. I can't help but think how glorious spring will be after planting 300+ bulbs this past fall. Spring is always full of surprises as once forgotten plants emerge from their hibernation. It gives me inexplicable joy, just even thinking about it! It seems the more I read about gardening, my passion for it grows. It gives me this energy I can't get enough of.

A recent visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens reinforced my love for gardening. What an amazing establishment! It is a gardener's haven- even in dead winter. My passion for gardening has become much larger than my gardening budget and yard, so I need to look for other ways to satisfy this need. I came across the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and realized where could I satisfy that need in a more appropriate place than here? How wonderful it would be to take care of something so vast and beautiful- to contribute to something much larger than myself! Which reminds me, I need to e-mail the volunteer coordinator. It is true when people say, "Gardening is an obsession." I told Scott the other day, "I wish my severe passion and obsession for gardening actually made me money." Maybe one day I will get there...

All bliss
Consists in this,
To do as Adam did.
Traherne (1637-1674)